List of Available Options Price (USD)
Virtual Office – 0 Visa US$7,603.00
Virtual Office – 1 Visa US$8,699.00
Virtual Office – 2 Visa US$8,973.00
Virtual Office – 3 Visa US$10,069.00
Virtual Office – 4 Visa US$10,343.00
Virtual Office – 5 Visa US$11,165.00
1 Week/Month Office – 0 Visa US$8,562.00
1 Week/Month Office – 1 Visa US$9,658.00
1 Week/Month Office – 2 Visa US$9,932.00
1 Week/Month Office – 3 Visa US$11,028.00
1 Week/Month Office – 4 Visa US$11,302.00
1 Week/Month Office – 5 Visa US$12,124.00
Full Time Office – 0 Visa US$9,932.00
Full Time Office – 1 Visa US$11,028.00
Full Time Office – 2 Visa US$11,302.00
Full Time Office- 3 Visa US$12,398.00
Full Time Office – 4 Visa US$12,672.00
Full Time Office – 5 Visa US$13,494.00
Full Time Office – General Trading – 0 Visa US$14,042.00
Full Time Office – General Trading – 1 Visa US$15,137.00
Full Time Office – General Trading – 2 Visa US$15,411.00
Full Time Office – General Trading – 3 Visa US$16,507.00
Full Time Office – General Trading – 4 Visa US$16,781.00
Full Time Office – General Trading – 5 Visa US$17,603.00

The above are indicative prices only. The prices change since government charges are subject to revision the prices also depend upon the option available on the date of executing your order.

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