Next steps: What most clients follow for a UAE company registration

1. Put in your details in the form on the right and receive answers to the top 10 questions.

2. If you have specific questions you can ask them in the form below on every page in this site. You will receive an answer as soon as possible

3. Or you can sign up for a US$ 7 (which will be credited to you when you go ahead and register the company) Skype consultation with one of our experts by clicking on the link below.

Once you have firmed up your plans you can request a cost and advantages analysis of 3 alternatives to choose from.

After the UAE company registration you will receive a Trade License certificate, a Certificate of Incorporation [if the Free Zone provides it] and in case you have more than one shareholder a Memorandum of Association.

You will also receive a lease agreement in the case of the Free Zone company. Finally you will be helped with the opening of a bank account as a part of the package in case you want it.

Make your decision now. Enter you email ID and name in the box on the right to get answers to the top 10 UAE company registration questions people like you have asked us in the past!

The sooner you start the greater is the certainty.The costs can change. The procedures can change. New requirements could be imposed. Acting now is vital to take advantage of what a UAE company registration offers you.

Imagine the pleasure of having formed your company at the right cost, in right location and above all at the right time!

Service charges in addition starting from US$ 2,740 are a great value for money. They have been kept low to enable individual entrepreneurs and start ups to form their dream companies.

The prices make it worth your while because doing so on your own may risk delay or additional costs.

Imagine choosing a wrong option of license, or a wrong free zone. That can cost you far more than the service charges.

What if you made a decision, invested your money, and then found that there was a better option? What will the loss be? US$ 6,000? US$ 10,000? Or even US$ 15,000?

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